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so i figured i'd let everyone know what happened the other night. i was driving home wed night around 130 am and it was raining, then when i got to about 26 mile right before card road *before the bridge* i noticed that the rain was freezing instantly on my windsheild, so i took my foot off the accelerator to coast to a safer speed. well as soon as i went over the bridge there is a slight dip in the road and when i hit that my back end of my truck went out from under me causing me to fishtail. now i reajusted my truck a couple times and managed to get back into a straight line and then honestly i dont know what happened but i started to spin around again, so now im on the road sliding sideways *so im taking up both lanes* so my front tires were in the gravel, this is when my truck started to slide into the ditch, completely cutting the 26 and card sign down. finally my front end hit the otherside of the ditch which then spun me into and around a tree. the tree ripped the driver side door open and thank god it did otherwise i would have been stuck i my truck. but i ended up going to the hospital, they told me i broke my collarbone put my arm in a sling and sent me home to rest for 4 to 6 weeks. i dont need sugery, cus apparently my bones will have to fix themselves it will just take time. overall im ok. i have pics of my truck and will post them soon, but my truck is def. totalled. so make sure you guys call me and visit me so i dont go nuts in my house by myself.


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bareback bronc riding....

steer wrestling

Saddle Bronc Riding

Cowgirls Barrel Racing

Tiedown Roping

Bull Riding

Pick Up Men

The Pony Express


And Of Course You Cant Forget The RODEO CLOWNS!


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Does anyone want to go the the Longhorn World Championship rodeo with me???

It is on Feb. 17th, 18th or 19th

So if anyone wants to go on one of those days let me KNOW ASAP!!!!

Tickets are 30 bucks a piece for good seats and 15 for second level ones (general admission)

It starts at 8pm each night....

Please go with me people i really want to see this rodeo!!!!


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this is a hard one so lets see if anyones actually does it...prolly not....

Do you know my middle name?
How about my shoe size?
My bra size?
Eye color?

How did we meet?
Whats your favorite thing about me?
Your least favorite?
Whats my best physical feature?
My worst?

whats my favorite movie?
favorite band?
faovirte song?
favorite food?
favorite drink?
favortie tv show?
favorite color?

tell me a secret you kept from me when we were young.
be brutally honest:
describe me as you would to someone who doesnt know me.

do you love me?
have you ever loved me?
felt feelings for me?
was there ever a relationship between us?
what was it like?
where do we stand right now:
are we friends?
best friends?

oh and by the way i found this soooooooooo funny...mean but funny...
A husband was in big trouble coming up to his wedding anniversary. His high spending, forever nagging, wife told him "ok you small brained dumbfuck, tomorrow is our anniversary and there better be something in the driveway for me that goes zero to 200 in 2 seconds flat".

The next morning the wife found a small package in the driveway. She opened it and found a brand new bathroom scale.

Funeral arrangements for the husband have been set for Saturday.

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my trailor is now at home and i made a mistake, its the 2006 model. and who would have thought i got my trailor from courtney robbs my parents saw her at the barn one of the days that they were doing paperwork...

work, oh boy pauline has screwed up again! she didnt come into work last night so i HIGHLY doubt that she still has her job cus Susan one of our managers was PISSED last night at her! i would be too she barely ever comes into work on time or even comes in. and the day before sean didnt show up for work either...who knows it means that i made more money though cus we were short one person each night!

tonight im heading up to fridays cus i want to see everyone dressed up, im still mad that i dont get to work tonight cus i wanted to dress up.

tomorrow i get to go to the red wings game! heck yes! and we have floor seats awesome.

i dont work again till thursday, cus wed ryan picked up my shift for me...

i went to a halloween party on sat. it was fun we got all dressed up i was a french maid...haha and jen and i got all dressed up at fridays cus i worked that day and allt he boys saw us it was interesting to say the least.

anyways i gotta go to school!


oh and comments bitches!
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so i got myself a horse trailor, im paying for it ALL by myself. its a 2005 Valley stock trailor, two horse, and its got a changing room and yeah its dark grey. its pretty nice, hell its really nice considering how much i i only have to make payments of 100.14 a month *dont ask for how* and i didnt have to put any money down on it. another plus is that it is in my name so if i do my payments and all right it will build me some good credit.

work- has been going really well i still love the people i work with. and i enjoy my job. i cant complain about it at all, it pays the bills i need to pay and obviously i make enough cus i just bought myself a horse trailor today!

friends- well i have some at work and then i have jen, but lately i realized that i miss hanging out with the people i use to. especially some of the armada people. there was a lot of drama at the end of the year and im sure some of it is still floating around but i miss you all and we should hang out sometime whenever our busy schedules allow it. i remember when we all went to go see saw in the theaters and we all said that every xmas we would get together and go see a movie or at least hang out...well i think we should defintally do that i miss you guys so much!

horse- has been doing GREAT recently i just took on a new winter project horse, which would be Jenna, one of ann and jens brood mares. she is really fun to ride and we get along great, jen thinks that her and i make a good team i just think we do good together cus i am so giving and not demanding. so well see what happens with that over the winter my cousin nikki is coming here to visit from fl. in a few weeks and she is gonna help me with barrels im excited.

so one of my guy friends has this on his myspace profile...and it amazed me that he wrote this no if all guys would listen to it that would be great!

Guys need to stop being so ..........yourselves. I know way too many really beautiful girls who think they don't look good... And It hurts... because it's our fault, guys I mean. We make girls feel like they have to be perfect. You know what I mean, flat stomach, huge boobs, round ass, long legs, big lips, and on top of all that, they have to dress like a ..........,and be one as well... nobody can measure up to that... and its not fair... because nobody should have to. The little imperfections are what make people special. If everyone was perfect the world would be so boring, variety is what makes life interesting. So guys, stop making girls have to live up to your, I'm sorry, our... deluded fantasy visions of perfection. Stop acting like boys and start being men... realize that women don't exist to fa-fill our sexual desires. Stop talking to them solely to get with them, be nice to them because you want to be their friend, not because you want to hook up with them. Say nice things about them not to flatter them in hopes that you'll get some, but because you know they like to hear them. In short... we need to grow up and stop being dicks... just because we have them doesn't mean we need to think with them.
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so i went to dave and busters last night with ryan, he is the funniest guy i have ever met. but im not aloud to fall for him, i just wish that if all he wants is a one night stand to treat me like one...not take me out to d and b's and not tell me he is attracted to me and not tell me that jake was an idiot for treating me like that and oh well he was alot of fun to hang out with
i think i might hang out with him on thursday if he goes up to the hayloft, idk he is gonna give me a call if not i might see him this weekend...
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